View Full Version : where to see which decoder has been used

2004-01-27, 06:08 PM
I installed NVDvd Mpeg2 Codec to see if it gives better quality in Movieplayback on the PVR 350 Output but some movies did not run smooth eighter. The CPU usage is about 20% so I think any hardware is used but I dont know what hardware. The PVRs HW-decoder or the CLE266 HW-Decoder which is on my Via Epia M board!?

I selected the NVDVD coded in the configuration pannel but NVDvd shows no data traffic in the configuration pannel while playing a movie.

Is there any chance to check which codec is definitly used?


2004-01-27, 06:17 PM
Sorry to confuse you in my other post.

When you are using the PVR350 output to show GB-PVR, it only uses the Hauppauge hardware codec.

The CLE266 chipset provides some hardware "assist" which is used by some of the software decoders, but is definitely not being used when the PVR350 tv out is in use.