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2004-03-01, 11:30 AM

I'm having problems with fast forward and rewind when watching recorded programs (I'm not talking about live TV). In v0.12 I used to be able to hold down the fast foward button on the haupauge remote and it would play the video fairly cleanly at about double speed (which was really nice). I've gone to v0.13 and this does not work anymore, I get about two frames of video and then it reverts back to playing. The next time I press it, it seems to do nothing. Note that pressing the skip button works well, skipping 1 second at a time.

If I try to fast forward by bringing up the OSD and selecting the >> button, the time bar fast forwards but I dont see the video updating on the screen until I press play again. Is this how this is meant to work.

I wondered if this all works for anyone else or if some change was made in v0.13 which would have stopped it working.

I thought it might just be down to slow response to the remote control and I've tried it with and without IR Remote running and this seems to make no difference.

I've using the TV out on the PVR 350, so I don't think it can be to do with the codec selected (he default hauppage one).

I'm really just trying to find out whether I've got a particular problem or whether this functionality is not yet finish and I just need to be patient.

Thanks for any help, Dai

2004-03-01, 12:56 PM
I got the same problem (allso PVR350 and v0.13)

2004-03-01, 02:52 PM
I didn't make any modifications to the PVR350 support in the last release, was expecting any changes in this area. I'm connection it up now and will take a look.

2004-03-03, 05:21 AM
Ok, fixed. FF/RW is now working properly on the PVR350. It only consumed a whole two days of development time http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif

2004-03-03, 08:39 AM
Thanks a lot, very grateful, cant wait for next relaese now to have a go.

Must say agian how good this stuff is, my video recorder has been relegated to the cupboard, biggest problem I have now is that I record too much stuff and never have time to watch it http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif