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2005-08-21, 08:00 AM
I installed videolan to see my recorded tv programs over the internet. This is because I'm away from home a lot.

The problem is that VLC starts playing the program and stops after a few seconds. Sometimes I can watch a show a little bit longer, but about 99 percent of the time it stops almost immediately.

2005-08-22, 02:05 PM
while the video-file is sent to the client, videolan begins to play it (otherwise you would have to wait until the whole file is downloaded).

when the data transfer rate is to low (lower than the amount of data processed by videolan), videolan reaches the end of the file and stops.

i'm sure the buffer-size in videloan can be customized (idon't know it for sure, though)

2005-08-26, 01:49 PM
Problem solved, a new router does the job