View Full Version : Kiwi Kids...are Weetbix Kids

2005-08-17, 07:10 AM
I just had to ask if anyone here remembers this ad (the above words were from the theme song) that used to play on NZ TV for the breakfast ceral Weetbix? Or am I really showing my age? :eek:

2005-08-17, 07:41 AM
"Aussie Kids are Weetbix kids"

they played that in aussie (i saw it when i went to aussie for aholiday), and yeah i remmeber that ad, its only like 10 years old (im only 23).

2005-08-18, 04:48 AM
"Aussie Kids are Weetbix Kids"

Doesn't have the same ring does it. I'm quite a little longer in the tooth than that and I sure that they bring this ad out of mothballs ocassionally as I'm sure it's older than 10 years. Seem to remember it way back. Still...at my age memory starts to fail :)

2005-08-18, 04:50 AM
well i mean it was still around 10 years or so ago.

2005-08-19, 01:38 AM
Sure... like it was yesterday. A bit disturbing really.

2005-08-19, 03:33 AM
Depends on what you mean by long time ago. I've been in NZ for six years and remember seeing and hearing the ad since I've been here.