View Full Version : Computer locking up

2005-08-14, 12:45 AM
After about 15-20 minutes of watching TV i will go to change the channel and my computer will lock up and I have to reboot. I am able to change the channels after I have started the program. It's only after it has been running for a little bit that t will do this.

I currently am running the program on a p3 933, 512meg ram, WinTV PVR350 (i'm using the tv and audio out of the tuner), and a 40gig hard drive with WinXP.

Also, when I use the software that came with the tv tuner, it never freezes up, no matter how long I have it running.

Thank you for any help.

2005-08-14, 01:38 AM
Yes, this is a common complaint for many people using the PVR350's TV out. The only known fix is to stop using the PVR350's tv out (ie, set the hardware encoder setting to 'none - use sotftware decoding').

2005-08-14, 09:02 PM
Or stop using the PVR350 for watching live-tv and use it for playback only.