View Full Version : Auto Deletion of MPEG After Conv>AVI w/Mencoder

2005-08-13, 06:13 AM
I was wondering if there was a way to do this so I could free up some disc space automatically (my current HDD is a measly 33GB, till I can find a good deal on a 320GB; I use my xbox to store/view them in XBMC, and it has a 200GB HDD). I assumed the postprocessing.bat was copied into the dir where the video ended, but when I tried adding some code (to move the avi to a temp folder, delete the current dir, and move the avi back and delete the temp folder) it ended up deleting the main dir for GBPVR :mad:. Anyone know of a simple way to do this? C+ is more of my fortay than DOS commands...