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2005-08-11, 11:37 PM
I love the Jukebox plugin for those times that I want my HTPC to just play random mp3's of mine. I thought I remember reading at one time that it was designed to play and continue playing until you stopped it. I start it and it plays but once I go to the main screen it stops after it has finished the song it was on. Is this something specific to my machine or is it working they way it was written to run?

Also, is there any future updates to Jukebox in the works that you are aware of?

2005-08-12, 04:43 AM
Try the music player (http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Plugin/MusicPlayer) plug-in. It includes a jukebox function and will keep playing when you return to the main menu.


2005-08-13, 10:20 PM
I agree with reefboy, i also am very attached to the Jukebox Plugin. That plug in alone is the whole reason i came over to GBPvr. I do know that yes, if you leave the jukebox screen and go back to the main the plugin will finish playing it's selected songs and then stop.

I have tried to get the music player going a couple of times with no real success. lots of small errors, out of range, etc not exactly sure why.

The new version of GBPvr has unfortunatly completely broken the jukebox plugin and i've had to drop back to 92.11 even though i have to say that the new GBPvr seemed much smoother in general and added some nice features. It's all in all a very fine program but alas playing music through the MVP connected to a whole house audio system is the primary goal for me. The Jukebox had a couple of big things going for it. it's simple to use, small and straight forward, not a lot of fooling around fussing with getting it to work, installing all kinds of other programs to help it work was not necessary. in short my wife could work it and gave me no grief :)

I hope the Jukebox program gets updated to work with the new version of GBPVR. I'd hate to see a plug that simple, easy, focused and trouble free go the wayside.

2005-08-14, 12:08 AM
While I know you are a jukebox fan, I would be interested if you could email me the gbpvr.exe.log, and, from the Jeff sbdirectory the musicplayer-PC.log and/or musicplayer-MVP.log files so I can see what went wrong with the musicplayer plug-in.


2005-08-14, 01:35 AM

I'd be more than happy to. I'll look them up and send out in a few minutes. Anything that helps!

Added to message Jeff, i'll need your email address to send. public profile did not list it

2005-08-14, 04:02 PM
You can send to jefflmailbox-gbpvr@yahoo.com


King Mob
2005-08-14, 09:09 PM
Will Music player automatically download album art and track info when an album is added, similar to the way video archiver downloads movie and episodic info? Or does this have do be done manually?

2005-08-15, 05:40 AM
No, it does not. It assumes that it was downloaded at the time the album was ripped. I have seen examples of code to do this so I could probably add it in the future if many people have this need.


2005-08-17, 02:05 PM
Just a quick question to anyone out there who might know.

Has anyone gotten the Jukebox plugin to work with the new version of GBPVR 93.10?

I've tried and while it sort of works, it gets a bit weird on me here and there. Screens not showing up, inconsistant operation, etc, etc.

Is it just me having problems? If anyone has it working as it should with the new version i'd appreciate just a quick note and i'll assume it was my error and try the install again.

2005-08-17, 11:46 PM
I hope i'm not the lone user left for the jukebox. Has anyone gotten it to work with version 93.10?

2005-08-18, 12:35 AM
Hadn't tried it for a while but like you and I cant get it to work either

I get the Message

Error Collection was modified; enumeraion operation may not execute


2005-08-18, 02:04 AM
and i was hoping it was just me :(

Oh well, at least now i can stop installing and un installing for no reason. I appreciate the reply, thanks.

Jam40jeff, where are ya buddy !!

2005-08-18, 04:35 AM
Mine works with no problem on my main HTPC unit running GBPVR system.
I just tried it on my PC upstairs and it seems to be a little weird. Not sure what the main difference between the two would be.

2005-08-18, 05:54 AM
All right I got my upstairs Jukebox working as well. It didn't like the setup I had which was pointing to a mapped drive z which was my music on my main HTPC in the garage. I changed it to a network path \\scottgarage\my music path and now it works. Before it would play you just couldn't select the music so it was strictly on random.

So jukebox is working on both computers running GB-PVR v0.93.10

BTW... I'm using jukeboxplugin.dll dated 04/28/2005
Not sure if this makes a difference or not but it might be worth checking?

2005-08-18, 02:19 PM

That's the same dll i'm using here. I have no idea why it's working for you. Since my main thrust is music i keep all the music files on the same box as gbpvr is on.

But if it's working correctly for you it's got to be something i'm doing wrong somewhere. I'll keep looking and thanks for the hints.

groover km
2005-08-19, 06:00 AM
I use the Jukebox plugin, and it's working fine here with 09310 (although I haven't tried it on the MVP yet...)

Incidentally, I have gbpvr on the c drive of the pc with my music and my wife's music in separate directories on the same c drive - does anyone know how to add a 'second' directory, and then select it?

When Jukebox starts up it always goes into 'my' music. My wife would like to be able to run it in her music so she can listen to her cra.. tunes randomly. Does this make sense?

I can do this with MyMusic plugin, but it's the sheer random turn-it-on-and-forget nature of Jukebox that makes it so appealling...

Thanks in advance.

2005-08-19, 07:01 AM
This is the main reason I created the music player plug-in. It lets you pick which is the starting point for the juke box, your music or your wifes. I could not figure out how to make the jukebox plug-in do this.


2005-08-19, 02:17 PM
Groover km:

You're the second person who's told me they have jukebox working well under 93.10. i'm going to have to try it one more time.

The jukebox program uses what ever directories you have setup in gbpvr for music. if you have both directories setup they it should see them both.

I have more than a few hundred directories setup here, i use the genre/artist/album setup here and it works well. I use the noindex.txt file in some secions so they don't play, like christmas music in july wouldn't be good, but i also use it sometimes when when i'm looking to hear a specific genre of music i'll drop the noindex.txt file in everything but.

Like Jeff said his music player plugin is a little easier as far as random songs from only specific directories goes.