View Full Version : My Videos DB cleanup function

2005-08-08, 02:21 PM
Since the DB for My * can get pretty big w/ everything it holds, it may help to have a maint panel to have it clean out some dead enties. Easy ones would things like video & cast info for shows/movies that have been deleted/removed. Something like a scan that the photos & music CPs do, maybe.

I was in there and could have doen some manually, but also didn't want to start tearing through and maybe messing things up, since they aren't big space pigs, anyway.

Also, is there harm in just blanking the actor gallery/info tables? I don't use the panels for those.

2005-08-08, 08:58 PM
i was thinking of this, but decided against it. ie if i record one show once a week, lets say CSI (because i do :)), and i delete the episode after i watch it, i dont want to re get the cast info the next week, or for the DVDs i have (yeah i got them on dvd aswell). and what if you have videos on a cd/dvd, so if it does the scan the files are in drive and it deletes them. so no i decided against it. also the files are all stored with relative filenames, which may be a problem for a few files (some will have a "KnownLocation" entry).

at the end of the day storage space is cheap, my database is really large and its only about 100megs. i wont worry about it until it gets up to say 5Gbs.

You might be able to go on a folder say "CSI" and go to "remove from db" to remove all the entries from the database (i cant remember if it will delete the cast info, it wont delete the actors info, but might delete the cast).

2005-08-08, 09:55 PM
It hasn't been a space issue, per se, but it seems the smaller the DBs, the faster the load/response. Granted, it's not a huge amount at that.

I think it's because I design sites to use DBs, and I have a nature against keeping data that isn't needed and won't have reuse.

Anyway, I think what I was thinking of was something manual, and not encoding postepg process or something. Just something to safely clean up when you do hit a point when you want to houseclean.

Even then, it's just an idea. Btw, was there a problem manually dumping out the cast info DBs?

2005-08-11, 12:04 AM
sorry for late reply, for some reason this thread was marked read for me and i hadnt read it.

if you want to do a manual clean theres no problem, just open up access and delete away (i do that from time to time). i dont want it to delete data by itself because of the above reasons, i have a lot of shows (well a few, well bugger all, but still i have some) as xvids/divxs on dvds and when i go to watch those shows i dont want to have to redownload the show info, i want it to remain in the database (ill manually delete these entries when i get the shows on proper dvds and throw away my copies, but some shows dont seem like theyre ever going to get put on dvd).

the database should be redone, i was unexperienced with dbs at the time i did it and well its designed poorly,but to late to change now.

if you manually delete the cast info, it just wont show up when you goto to the infoscreen/cast (so no it wont crash, it just wont show up). you can probably dump a lot of the actors (i have a few thousand now, never use that feature, but its nice that its there :)).