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2005-08-03, 07:56 PM

So my girlfriend asked me to add functionality to get her started burning DVDs from shows she recroded at a medium quality. I followed the guide a while ago, and yesterday tried the for dummies guide. Now I feel dumb because I still couldn't get it to work. It hangs at step 2 of 3 when trying 2 shows. I left it for about 2 hours to no avail.

Are there any suggestions?

In a future version can you include a progress indicator?

Thanks for the help.

2005-08-04, 03:51 AM
In a future version can you include a progress indicator?
no this would break it if you were converting divx etc files for dvd burning, and since i have no idea what program you use to do the burning these is no way to get this information.

2005-08-04, 05:21 AM
OK about the progress bar....I am using mkisofs and DVDDecrypter, also DVD author like it show in the how to.... Am I missing something? Thanks.

2005-08-04, 07:00 AM
edit the .bat file remove all the "delete" commands (or is "del" in dos...?, anyway) and put a pause at the end of each batch. you should be able to see where the error is.

try and do create a dvd at the command line (once the dvdauthor is done, you should be able to use the dvd folder to create one, the dvd folder created should be in \TEMPDIR\DVD, where TEMPDIR is the temp directory you set in my videos config)

ps have a good go at this, not just try it for 2mins and give up, its not that complicated once you understand what its doing and what it is expecting.

convert.bat - creates valid mpeg2 files, i think %1 is the valid mpeg2 filename its expecting (ie you pass a video file in (%4 i think) and it returns, ie creates, a valid video file called %1).

dvdauthor, uses each valid mpeg2 file created by convert.bat and uses each of the %1 files (they are named something like temp01.mpg, temp02.mpg in the temp dir)
it then creates a "DVD" directory in the temp directory, which is the dvd file structure the VIDEO_TS directory and its files, you should be able to play this directory from powerdvd, windvd, or gbpvr etc.

this takes the DVD directory (passed as a parameter, i forgot the number, its on the wiki) and then just burns that directory (there are several ways of doing this, mkisofs will create a iso image from the directory and use dvddecrypter to burn that image, or nero will just burn the directory as is). once that is completed, a few files will be deleted (so you might have to be quick and kill gbpvr.... or just throw in a "PAUSE" command at the end of dvdburn.bat).

what %1, %4 "PAUSE" all mean (just incase you dont know)
- %1....4...n
these are the parameters passed to the batch file, eg
dvdburn.bat "c:\my videos\somevideo.mpg" "G:\some other video.mpg"
%1 will be "C:\my videos\somevideo.mpg"
and %2 will be "G:\some other video.mpg"
since the batch file doesnt know these files, it justs uses the %1 as a placeholder.
PAUSE, is juat a pause, and requires you to hit a keyboard button to continue (so my videos willl still be waiting for dvdburn.bat for complete, so you can debug and see what happened).

a lot of info to take in, but its not that complex once you get it, its just well confusing to newbies, and well i get it since i wrote the bloody thing :)

2005-08-04, 10:28 AM
I've been having similar problems although mine just sticks at stage 1 before it even gets to the batch files (if I could get past stage 1 i'm sure it would work as I've DOS tested the batch files).

I've been tearing my hair out (what's left of it!) for some weeks over this one. All the folders/programs are in the correct place it just seems to hang on stage 1 of 3. What exactly does stage 1 do?


2005-08-04, 11:04 AM
if your stuck at stage one, test it in dos. the wiki says what params are passed to convert.bat by default (the %1, %2, %3, and %4) just do the same, you should be able to figure out whats wrong.

What exactly does stage 1 do?
read the previous post, or read the wiki, its pretty well documented.