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2004-02-25, 10:50 AM

13 is looking great. I Remember a while back you were looking into ways of speeding up the channel changing. Have you had any luck on this yet?


2004-02-25, 01:08 PM
I remember that too.


Do you need to close and open a new file for liveTV when chanching channel ? I think using the same file would speed it up. If the problem is that the file then could bee to big, then you could tjek if the file is getting to big when changing channel, You could then close the file in this case.
Would that speed up the channel changing ??

2004-02-25, 03:46 PM
Yes, I have some ideas for speeding channel changing but I havn't had a chance to implement them yet. Hopefully within the next few releases.

Its currently not too bad changing channels on the MVP and PVR350, but the PC software decoding client is pretty slow.