View Full Version : "Seen It"...is just delete?

2005-07-25, 02:55 PM
If you use "Seen It" in XRecord, is it adding it to recording tracking, or just deleting the instance? It would be great to have it do the former, since the latter can be done just by deleting/canceling it.

2005-07-25, 02:58 PM
It is the former. It adds it to the rectracker db and then deletes it. So that way it does not reappear at the next epg update.

2005-07-29, 02:53 PM
Is it adding the episode, or the day/time?

I'm running into a condition where rectracker seems to have ADD, and I'm getting repeats added, or episodes I've seen a while ago coming back in rerun season. Other times it works great. I'm trying to find the disconnect, and what is losing what or missing what.

A good example is I just ran Update EPG, and it added a show I've seen. I marked it as Seen It. I ran Update EPG again, and it's back already.

2005-07-29, 03:16 PM
One other XRecord quesiton (if it is): When do the Adv Scheduled programs get added? Does Run CDK run it manually?

2005-07-29, 03:43 PM
Sry...ok, I think I've found the problem w/ retracker...postepg.bat isn't running.

2005-07-29, 07:35 PM