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2005-07-21, 02:46 AM

I noticed that my MVP looses audio sync in most (if not all) NTSC AVI videos using 23.976 FPS. I wanted to find a way to convert the framerate to 29.970FPS without audio desynch.... I know it can be done with TMPGenc and encode to MPEG2, but was looking for a way to keep a DivX output... Anyone has good guides on how to do this? I checked www.videohelp.com but couldn't find anything that worked...

I have been toying around with Virtualdub for a couple of hours now, can't figure it out...

2005-07-21, 05:24 PM
In virtualdub, select Video, Framerate, and in the middle section, on the right, it says, "Convert to fps".
Put a dot in there, and then type 29.97 in.
Go to Video, Compression, and select DivX (or what ever codec you want), and set it up for at least 4000kbps.
Select File, Save avi, give it a new name, and save it.
It will only take a few minutes, and you'll have a 29.97fps avi.

2005-07-22, 01:58 PM
Thanks reboot... My virtualdub version was too old, didn't have that "convert fo FPS" option :)