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2004-02-25, 11:00 PM
I have just made a disturbing discovery concerning GB-PVR's frontend unusually high memory usage. First off I would like to mention that I would expect a program like this to take up a descent amount of memory due to its display type. The problem was dicovered when I opened windows task manager and noticed that the usage for the frontend just slowly creeping up every time I would enter a sub menu exit and then enter it again etc. This would prove to be a problem after long use of the Frontend.

It is a little hard to put my problem into words but being some what versed in programming it seems like your class destructors are not working or not implimented or something to this affect.

Also before catching the problem it caused many crashes due to memory being way too low, like down below the 10,000KB range.

Again sorry for this winded posting but it seems I may have found a bug worthing of correcting.


2004-02-26, 01:35 AM
Which sub menu were you entering, and what type of client is it (MVP/PVR350/PC)?

2004-02-26, 01:57 AM
Its worth noting that I'm currently shipping debug builds, because its useful to help track down problems when they occur. I'll move to "release" builds when then thing settle down more. These will have much lower memory requirements.

Also, most of the application is implemented in C# which does garbage collection so you may find that after a long period of inactivity, the memory is freed up. You cant really predicate when a .net application will free memory. I not saying this definitely what you are seeing, but it is worth being aware of.

2004-02-26, 01:59 AM
With debug builds I'd expect the application to probably use about 40 - 50mb normally. Most of this is .net runtimes etc, but there is also some large buffers I maintain.

2004-02-26, 06:54 PM
Sorry for not being specific about my system but I didn't want to be long winded about the question. Any way I am using it on a PC with the 250 with overlay turned on, 512MB ram, if there is any other spec you need let me know.

The 40-50 megs is exactly what it starts out taking up. There is no one sub menu it happens with that I know of I didn't try all of them but I would expect it to be all. Note: this increment in memory is very small but it does go up close to 1 meg everytime I enter a sub menu. This is only a small part of the problem, the thing that is bothering me is when playing back a movie. The memory taken up goes up to 150MB+ and I think this is only limited to a lack of more memory to expand into ( again I am using 512MB). I will check to see if I notice the page file growing too.

The buffers you refer to may be the root of this problem if they have something to do with play back. Could you give any more info on the buffer usage so I might be able to narrow down this down to and be more specific for you.

Also since you say .net manages memory for you is there any chance having VS .net Student .net verion 1.0*** installed at the same time be a problem? Just a thought if you can't find any of the code to be a problem.


2004-02-26, 08:59 PM
I have found one possiblity for the memory increasing during video playback with Overlay/VMR. I'll check it after work today.

2004-03-14, 05:21 PM
Just an update, I was able to avoid further crashes by making my page file larger.

Also I just wanted to ask you for a short update conserning the memory increases.

Thank you,