View Full Version : My Music Sound Quality

2005-07-09, 03:16 AM
When I attempt to play any long recorded trance sets ~60 min My Music/GBPVR adds weird popping sounds to the output, but it does not occur with smaller files. Any ideas?

2005-07-09, 04:13 AM
this isnt a plugin issue, its a program with gbpvr and your setup.

2005-07-09, 01:58 PM
I just realized that it happens with more than just the long MP3s, it happens with some 4meg mp3s as well. It sounds like popcorn popping to the beat of the music. The weird thing is that they all play fine in Winamp. My setup consists of a Soundblaster Live card with a headphone -> RCA jack connection to my Yamaha receiver.
Any suggestions on how to correct it?

2005-07-09, 02:20 PM
i dont have a clue, i dont have any control over the playback, its all handled by gbpvr, either search the forum for some help or post in the support forum, this isnt a plugin issue.