View Full Version : Plugins and Utilities not shown on the Wiki site

2005-07-01, 12:29 AM
I was just wondering why some of the great plugins and utilities don't make it to the Wiki. Some of these seem like they've been through pretty good testing already and have been out for awhile.

- WebCam plugin
- WebBrowser plugin
- Comskip helper
- Comskip dictionary updates
- Stock ticker plugin
- Mencoder plugin

I know I've seen some more but can't recall them right now.

Can these be uploaded to the Wiki right away so everyone can use them without searching through old posts on the forum? :)

2005-07-01, 02:10 AM
The author's of those, either don't have access to the wiki (all they have to do is ask the owner via email, and he'll send you a password), or maybe don't even know about it, OR they have no idea how to upload to the wiki (it's a bit confusing).

I do agree though, EVERYTHING should be in one place.
If someone want's to design a site, with a link to everything there possibly is, I'll host it.