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2005-06-26, 05:01 PM
Has anyone been able to run ShowAnalyzer from the postprocessing.bat file?

I can run Comskip fine like that but when I try to run ShowAnalyzer directly or with Comskip proxy it does nothing.

The only thing that I know of that would be somewhat unusual about my setup is that I'm running Server 2003.

ShowAnalyzer runs just fine if I run it manually.

2005-06-26, 07:33 PM
It's Windows 2003 Standard Server with SP1. So, you do (or did) have ShowAnalyzer running from postprocessing.bat?

Server shouldn't matter, when I was using it and switched to MCE 2005 instead. Which version of Server are you running and are you using SP1 though?

2005-06-26, 07:49 PM
I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone that is using ShowAnalyzer with GB-PVR is running it manually. Anyone that is running it from postprocessing.bat please speak up -- or anyone that has tried to do so and failed. :)

2005-06-26, 08:03 PM
Or they're using DirMon.

2005-06-26, 10:03 PM
So will I when DirMon supports subdirectories. :D

Just ribbing you Jere -- I couldn't resist.

Or they're using DirMon.

2005-06-30, 08:38 AM
I can get ShowAnalyzer working using comskiphelper & comskip proxy
from the postprocessing bat

My Postprocessing.bat.....................
comskiphelper.exe %1 > sa.log
RenameRecording.exe %1 > Renames.log
rectracker %1 > tracker.log

Running XP Pro,so maybe its a Server thing :confused:

PS..both releases of SA have worked fine for me using the above method of invoking SA

2005-09-03, 08:07 AM
So will I when DirMon supports subdirectories. http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
Now it does. http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


2005-09-03, 12:26 PM
Sweet -- that will make DirMon much more flexible for lots of uses.

Now it does. http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


2005-09-06, 04:21 PM
Depending on who knows what, I have multiple ways to run SA.
Comskip proxy is one.

comskip %1
Using SA directly.

"c:\program file\dragon global\showanalyzer\showanalyzer.exe" %1
Manually changing folders, then using SA.

cd "program files"
cd "dragon global"
cd "showanalyzer"
"showanalyzer.exe" %1
Using SA from PreProcessing.bat (requires installation of PVRPowerTray), using comskip proxy, or SA directly (as above).

Sub has promised some form of pre-processing to be included in the next release, so PVRPowertray won't be necessary, but it's still a great little app :D

2005-09-07, 03:22 AM
You know, I installed SA thinking it would do what I wanted it to do automatically. Guess I should have read up on it first. I was wondering why none of my recorded shows were actually getting scanned...

So that leaves me with only one question, when is SA going to be completely (or mostly) automated? Now THAT I would pay for.

2005-09-07, 04:03 PM
What do you mean automated?
You install it, you put a line (or two) in postprocessing.bat, configure SA to output what you want, and it's done.