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2005-06-22, 12:59 PM
I just now thought of this and being new to this kind of stuff I have to ask.

What device do you use to get the sound back to the TV once you have recorded a show? Do I need a sound card with RCA jacks or an external USB sound card to do this?

The more I get into this the more I feel like I need a crash helmet. :D

2005-06-22, 02:43 PM
How have you got your PVR hooked to your TV?
What inputs does your TV have?
If using a 350, it goes out through the cable, just like regular TV.
If using S-vid out from a video card, you need to run a line from your sound card out as well. The same applies to composite out.
I purchased a little Y splitter, which allows audio out from the sound card to go to both my desktop speakers, and out to the TV (with a stereo micro to composite adapter).

2005-06-22, 05:11 PM
I havent got the computer in place yet. Maybe you can help me with a few decisions.

Cox Cable TV Service
TV (Sanyo?)
RCA Set on Side
2 RCA Sets on Back
1 Composite Set on Back
S-Video on Back

Home Theater Receiver-----------RCA----------------> DVD Player
Several RCA sets on Receiver

Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz
Radeon 7000 S-Video Out
SB Live 5.1 Card

I posted in another topic on which PVR card would be the best but no one has replied. This is what I would like to do:

- Record TV shows while still being able to watch anything I want on the TV
(Two PVR-150 cards or a single PVR-500 card? or can I do a coax split and go to the PVR card and the TV at the same time?)

- Figure out how to make sure I have audio when replaying TV shows from the computer back to the TV. How is the audio transferred from the computer?

Would an external USB Sound Blaster device with RCA jacks do the trick or would it be needed? (USB Sound Blaster Digital Music USB device)



2005-06-22, 05:47 PM
You have the necessary RCA (aka composite) jacks on everything, so a PVR-500 would work well.
You can do a split before, or after, depending on how you want everything to work.
If you're going to use the PVR to control channels, then you only need to split for the two inputs to the PVR-500 (or dual 150's, whatever you decide).
If you want the PVR to be more separate, then split so one goes to TV, then split again, for the dual inputs on the PVR.
You will then have to use the TV remote to change the source, when watching via the PVR (total waste of time IMHO).
Audio from the computer comes out your sound card, so you can wire it to your reciever, with the aforementioned splitter and converter to composite.
You don't need an external sound device, if your computer has a sound card, because you have the reciever/amp already. You can't take a computer's audio out, directly to TV in most cases, because there is no amplification, but piping it through your reciever is ideal.