View Full Version : XRecord Error - deleting shows

2005-06-21, 12:26 PM
The Situation:
I have 4 episodes of a particular program recorded and available in the "ready" bit. Usually I watch and delete in order and have no problems but this time I kept them for someone else to watch. When I came to delete them I started deleting from the bottom up.

The Error:
When I delete the last recorded show in a folder it deletes it and lists the remaining shows but there is no show then "highlighted". If I press "OK" on the remote it crashes out with an "Object not set to an instance of an object" Error. I'm returned to the main menu.

I tried updating to the latest version (I was only a couple of versions out anyway, I follow the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" philosophy) and it still errors.

2005-06-21, 01:39 PM
I have seen it where it is not highlighted. I just never clicked on it if it was not hightlighted.

I will try to add a fix before releasing the next version.