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2004-02-28, 08:44 PM
Hi sub

I have now several times observed that the recording service did not record a scheduled program.
Once I looked if the service was startet and it was. When I looked in recordings it still was listed as scheduled.
So for some reasen the recording service was not responding. When I closed the GBpvr program and restarted the recording service, and then opened the GBpvr again, then the program was listed as failed under recordings.
I think if i restarted the recording service before I went to bed, it would have been working. I think the problem emerged while some freezing or funny things in GBpvr.
Could it be at good idea if you implemented a heartbeat funktion in the recording server, and the Gbpvr program listened after the heartbeat. If no heartbeat, then make a pop up on the screen and maybe restart the recording service ?
I think it is very important that no recordings are missed, so it would be very nice with some checking.

PS: I give you a donation when the program is stable :-)

2004-02-29, 01:23 AM

I have seen the same thing occur. So this is not an isolated event.


2004-02-29, 02:03 AM
I believe you both, but I will need some logs to help me track it down.

2004-03-02, 10:30 PM
I am guessing that the recording service runs as a service (duh) in the background and records the scheduled programs without the GBPVR front end active, right? If that is so, I think I may be having similar problems. I will try to reproduce it and get you a log file.


2004-03-04, 09:26 AM
Same for me. WHen it occurs I'll save the logfile and mail it.


2004-03-04, 11:30 AM
Are you guys using other functionality of GB-PVR? I have my machine left in hibernation mode and it wakes up records all the programs its scheduled to record which is generally 6 days out of 7.

I currently don't use other bits of GB-PVR, like live TV,


2004-03-04, 02:24 PM
Well I wished suspend or hibernation wake-up would work. Now after suspend I do get sound in the recording, but no video...

Failed recordings happens every now and then. Not yet with crucial things, though.
But I do use the music and other functions.

2004-03-04, 02:33 PM
This might be useful or might be a red herring but I was having problems with Failed recordings too.

I tried not letting the machine go into Standby and that seemed to fix the problem but I didn't want to leave the machine fully on all the while.

What I have taken to doing is shutting down the operator interface when I've finished with it so that it is not running when the machine goes into Standby, I've not had any recording failures since.

It seems that on my machine, the recording service will wake up from standby but has problems if the operator interface is running.

I must mention that I have problems generally with the operator interface when the machine comes out of standby, it will not output to the PVR 350 TV out. I'm still investigating whether this is a Windows issue, driver issue or GB PVR issue.

2004-03-04, 04:52 PM
This could be to do with the way GB-PVR interacts with the PVR card in that some steps required to use the card are not carried out when waking from hibernation.


2004-03-08, 08:22 AM

I experienced similar things with version 13. It happened twice that the Hauppauge radio application started instead of recording of the TV show.

When it happens next time I send the logfile.


2004-03-09, 06:03 AM
I really cant see any way that GB-PVR could possibly start the Hauppauge Radio application. ...but if something did manage to start it, this would be enough to stop the recording from happening. This would effectively mark the device as in-use.