View Full Version : Auto-Nightly Pocket_DivX .mpg to .avi conversion

2005-05-28, 06:20 PM
I wrote a relatively simple script using AutoIt to automate the process of using Pocket_DivX.exe to batch convert all new .mpg files in an input directory to .avi files in an output directory.

There is minimal error checking and it has been 10 years since I programmed anything so no promises. I have run it a few times and it seems to work pretty well. It does look for directory existence and creates if necessary plus only adds job items if they do not already exist in output directory.

I think this may provide more of an idea upon which to build a script to your exact needs (in fact better programmers out there could probably help me out with this). If people are interested I will post more versions as it evolves.

Anyway, just posting it incase someone finds it useful. I am posting the script. You can compile it with the free AutoIt software (which I found to be very easy to use with great documentation). Just take the .txt off the end (system only lets you upload .txt files).

The script has variables preset for input and output directories (currently d:\My_TV\ and d:\My_TV_PPC\ respectively). If someone wants the .exe I can email it but I would suggest you look at the code and use AutoIt after you have customized it.