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2005-05-27, 09:12 PM
Got my PVR-150, MediaMVP and GBPVR (and Comskip) working perfectly, so naturally I'll continue to mess with it til I screw it up.
I installed the DVDRipper plugin (with Decrypter) and ripped a commercial DVD to my hard drive. No problem viewing it on my PC. I then tried to burn the ripped file to a DVD+R using Nero software. Everything seemed to be going well when I went to bed last night. Got up this morning (8 hours later) and it was only 11% loaded.
So my question is, do I have to load the DVD2MPEG plugin to burn a DVD in this way? If so, I probably won't bother since it's so involved and I'm basically a computer idiot.
It seems to me that, since I'm attempting to burn the same type of file that I ripped, I shouldn't have to do a conversion.

2005-05-27, 09:54 PM
No, Decrypter should rip it easily enough.
The problem is, a commercial DVD is roughly twice the size of a DVDR, so Nero has to re-encode the whole thing to try and make it fit.
After ripping with decrypter, run it through DVDShrink (also free), then just burn the VIDEO_TS folder using the Nero DVD Video template (file, new, and it will pop up).