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groover km
2005-05-26, 01:43 AM
Okay, I'm probably being a bit slow, but can anyone give me an explanation of the

external players

features in this plug-in? What exactly are they meant to do and how do I use them?

Thanks in advance.

2005-05-26, 01:50 AM
stacking is used to play mutliple videos one after another
ie off = just play the one file
simple = look for files with same or very similar subtitle, and play them in order (eg "Pilot (1)" then "Pilot (2)" or "Episode 3 Disc 1" then "Epsiode 3 Disc 2").
series = look for files with the same title (ie the show name) and play them in order
random = play all the files in the current dir in a random order (handy for music videos, not really useful for anything else)

with simple and series it starts playback at the selected file so if you have hit play on "Pilot (2)", "Pilot (1)" wont be played.

playlists let you make playlists. how you use them is hit "red" on a file and it will add it to the current playlist (if you havent selected one, ie entered it in the "Playlists" filelist, it will automatically create one and enter it). then you just go to the "Playlists" and hit play on a file in the "Playlist" (i just remember i didnt get it to work by pushing play in the playlists root, ill do a fix in a couple of days).

external players, well say if you want to play a dvd using zoomplayer you can.

groover km
2005-05-26, 03:36 AM
Reven, thanks for clearing that up for me. Great plug-in, btw.