View Full Version : Theater listing troubles

2005-05-12, 07:31 PM
Hi, I love the theater listing plugin, great info/feel to it.

I am experiencing some problems though:

1. The Highlight/active selection is simply flat red, with no outline, even
with the blue skin.

2. After looking through a few movies, get an "out of memory" warning
and gbpvr becomes unresponsive.

p4 2.4, 512mb, 1024mb virtual, norton AV, ati catalyst

Also, a couple of suggestions/requests:

I don't like the right arrow to activate the main options (current, update, main menu). I would prefer "right" to simply move into the listings.

Rearrange the keys/buttons for info scrolling. If you orient the review/exit buttons to be side by side(along the top perhaps), up/down can be used for scrolling the review/info.

These would make the theater listing feature more integrated with gbpvr(and not mess with my brain) :D

2005-05-31, 07:32 PM
I reinstalled gbpvr to the default directory, updated to latest version.

I am still crashing after looking through a few movies, this hangs gbpvr interface, have to close and restart.

Is there a new version since 5-12-2005?


2005-05-31, 10:39 PM
nope. I will take a look at the plugin and look for any possible leaks.