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2005-05-03, 09:49 AM
Just curious, to know how much disk space you have allocated for GBPVR ?

I had a 160GB disk, for recordings really (ok 1 dvd movie which we wanted to see but havent) and this weekend I found it was full. I am a bit surprised - didn't think we watched (or had to watch) that much. Delete the stuff we have seen.

So I just added 230GB more.

Wondering what everyone else uses

2005-05-03, 01:51 PM
Just curious, to know how much disk space you have allocated for GBPVR ?

I have a 250G disk on the server that I use for a combination of MP3s, digital pictures and video captures. I haven't filled it yet, as most video captures are only kept for a week or 2, with the exception of kids programs, that my son watches over and over and over and ........


2005-05-03, 02:19 PM
I have a 160 dedicated to PVR and misc media. There is about 10 gig used for the misc stuff so 150 for PVR. I typically have less the 25 gig free, and find I am recording way more than I can watch.

2005-05-03, 03:37 PM
2 90's, a 200, and a 250 in the system.
One 90 is split for OS and misc storage, the 200 for all my video work (encoding/authoring etc.) and the 250 for recordings (video and audio).

2005-05-03, 03:50 PM
Only an 80GB drive... 8GB for the OS partition and apps and the rest is for recordings. I usually have 20GB free... but as my "Lost" archive keeps growing... I might need to add another disk :)

2005-05-03, 04:55 PM
Primary HTPC System:
5 x Maxtor ATA 133 IDE HDDS and room to add one more

4 x 60GBs = 240GB ATA 133 2MB Cache 4/way
1 x 120GB = 120GB ATA 133 8MB Cache 4/way
Total = 360GB

Wow, how much noise does that generate?


2005-05-04, 01:53 AM
Old Box:

80 GB ATA for system
200 GB ATA for PVR and DVD authoring

New box:

80 GB SATA for system
200 GB SATA for PVR duty

Samba Server:

80 GB for RH9 and apps as well as files (mp3s, etc)
40 GB for Virtual Machines


2005-05-04, 01:55 AM
8gb hdd from my xbox for system (its actually a really silent hdd)
120 gb sata hdd for my recordings (going to get a 400gb when they come down in price, so about a year.... :( no point getting a 200/250 gb one)

2005-05-04, 03:33 AM
200gb ide = $160nzd, sata = $180nzd, they're cheap, but theres no point upgrading from a 120 to 200gb, may as just wait for 400gb (which we you format will be more like 370gb, which is sad, i hate how they do that, you get all excited then you format it and your missing a few gb...... stupid decimal system.).

i have to upgrade my system drive to but theres no point buying anything under 120gb here, 60gb is more expensive than 80gb and 120 is only like $10-20 more than a 120, and a 120 gb drive seems like a waste for a system drive.

2005-05-04, 05:47 AM
now you can get $300 for only $129
Wow. Count me in. Many times. Seems like a win-win situation ;-)

I have a 180GB drive, sorry to say it's not partitioned at all. I really should, but...

2005-05-04, 05:38 PM
When I built my PVR machine, I purposely bought a motherboard with a built on RAID controller (a Promise controller in this case). Although you could simply buy a RAID controller card as well.

From that, I put 2 - 250GB WD drives in it, setup RAID0 (striped). So I have a total of 465GB on that drive (after formatting), for recording. I also have a 80GB WD drive, that holds the O/S, apps, etc. I also use this drive for temporary storage, temp files, etc.

I have noticed that I get more than just a big 'ol drive in my system, but the transfer rates to/from the RAID are awesome. It seems like the HDD light on the case hardly even blinks.

However, you can NEVER have enough storage space. I've been doing so much recording that I've brought the available space on that RAID down to about 70GBs a couple of times now!!!

2005-05-04, 08:46 PM
well for a while there I was thinking how bad are we, running out of space when everyone else is running with less space, until the last post :)

I am running 3xplain IDE drives.
160GB dedicated for recordings
250GB - 230GB dedicated for recordings, 20GB used to copy over the 16GB drive it replaced (apps)
30GB - for OS/apps.

System is dedicated for PVR and one webcam ops. I had thought about moving our DVDs onto this, but the recordings take enough space !!

I would have bought SATA but I didn't realise it had SATA ports until I was adding th 250GB doh! But it seems okay at doing the job. (there's no more bays either)

2005-05-04, 10:08 PM
I watch the Sunday newspaper ads... So far, I've picked up two 80GB 7200 Western Digital special edition drives (8MB cache) for $20/ea and a 120GB for $35 (after the rebates) :)

2005-05-05, 10:52 AM
I think the more space you have the more recordings you retain.
I am also using an external 200gb maxtor USB (Firewire connect) to backup my system disk, photos, music, my all time movie favourites and recordings from my video camera.
I haven't configured my raid controller yet, as my focus is on maximising use of space, minimising loss in case of disk failure, theft of PC or house burning down. My performance is more than adequate at present.
Am thinking of hooking in to my wireless network a couple of wireless security cams, anticipate needing to add another 400gb disk for that. Also thinking of setting up another PC as a fileserver sitting in a safe area in the house to reduce of dataloss through theft of PC.