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2005-04-28, 12:36 AM
I don't realy know where to put this so I ask in here.

I have a gamepad that I hoped I can use with GB. Are there any plugin or somewhere you can use the gamepad to navigate thrue the menues?
If not are there possible to do an plugin that can navigate thrue ALL the menues or just the one you write the plugin for?

2005-04-28, 12:52 AM
You'd probably need to create an external program which manages you communication with the gamepad. This program would send keystrokes to GB-PVR.

2005-04-28, 03:17 AM
This might work:


2005-04-28, 08:25 PM
thx for the game.
It was great as long as you should navigate in GB-pvr. But should you start an emulator the key didn't work in there... Little to bad :|
It was a good program othervise. So the princip about useing that kind of program work.


2005-04-28, 08:55 PM
You probably need to setup each program to be mapped. I don't use to many emulators, but don't most already use your existing gamepad or controller?

2005-04-29, 09:36 PM
You was righte KingArgyle, I get it to work. It was not a very logic program but when you get the idé how it worked you saw how powerfull it could be. So if someone else should try to do something simular it work very good.

2005-04-30, 12:23 AM
If you don't mind writting up what you did, we could post a link to this thread on the Wiki so that other's could get the information.

2005-05-03, 12:30 AM
I'm not fully happy with this setup but it works okej.
I have a Thrustmaster wireless gamepad with 14 buttons and a 2 analog sticks.
To get everything to work I use JoyToKey ( JoyToKey (http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA016823/joytokey/english.html) ) and it is a realy good program. The setup is not so good but when you have got everything in it works very good.

When you have everything installed you should setup JoyToKey and keep the first configuration without changeing anything to it. Just add a new one. Go to preferences and check Use Axes other then X and Y to see everything.
Now it's time to map keys to the pad. I had hoped there should be some sort of concistens in the program but every plugin use there own shortcut keys so it's not that easy to know what key combination is importent and work. But you can look here ( KeyboardReference (http://www.bladerhq.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/QuickStart/KeyboardReference) ). I tryed allot of them but I just couldn't get it to work.
(I hope in the future they can put up guidelines that example ctrl+p should be play and ctrl+f should be forward 30 sec in a movie and like 5-10 sec in a movie and so on.)
To map a key you just dubbel klick on the button you whant to map a key to. So if you whant ctrl+z to be mapped to button 5 you just dubbel klick on button 5. In the first textarea that is yellow you press ctrl and in the area under you press Z and it combinds them to ctrl+Z.
If you should play emulator game you can use the First Configuration that you saved befoure. To get this to work you take one button in the configuration meny that you created and dubbelklick on the button you whant "to use -> Special -> Switch to other configuration file" and select First Configuration. When you start the emulator you press that button and no button is maped. It is good to have one button that switch back to your configuration file. It is allso good to have in your configuration an Alt+F4 to close the emulator program and jump back to GB-Pvr.

This is how I have done it.
This is very bad written without any structure. But if I get time I will make some pictures that you can follow. But I hope you understand the basic and can follow it some.