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2005-04-26, 11:34 PM
Anyone have any good webcam list sites (for cam feeds that work with the plugin)?
Just looking for general stuff, of any interest.

2005-04-26, 11:56 PM
I travel to chicago fairly often, so i've got these (some decent views of the city):

<webcam name="Chicago - NOAA" url="http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/metdata/chi/chicago-tn.jpg"/>
<webcam name="Sears Tower: North" url="http://abclocal.go.com/three/wls/webcam/sears2.jpg"/>
<webcam name="Sears Tower: South" url="http://abclocal.go.com/three/wls/webcam/sears1.jpg"/>
<webcam name="Sears Tower: West" url="http://abclocal.go.com/three/wls/webcam/sears3.jpg"/>

2005-04-27, 02:57 PM
Great stuff...any more anyone?
I'd like to make a huge list for the webcam plugin.
I googled until my fingers hurt, and only ended up with a whole bunch of flash sites, or pron ;)

2005-04-27, 03:17 PM
If you want to see the bright lights and happenings in Las Vegas, you can try:


The Las Vegas Traffic cams should work, you'll have to view the page source to extract the appropriate URL for the images though.

2005-04-27, 04:17 PM
Same here, lots of googling and really nothing but porn. Anybody got URL's for Indianapolis IN?

2005-04-27, 04:44 PM
Same here, lots of googling and really nothing but porn. Anybody got URL's for Indianapolis IN?

google(indianapolis webcam) seemed (i didn't look past the results page) to yield some promising sites (i found the chicago ones w/a "chicago webcam" google)

2005-04-27, 05:10 PM
LOL, those Vegas traffic cams are priceless! I'm glad I don't have to drive there.
Keep 'em comming please :)

2005-04-27, 06:41 PM
For anyone interested, I found a HUGE listing of cams.
Try this link: http://www.camscape.com/
Pick a region, then country, etc.

2005-04-27, 11:34 PM
google for "webcam site:.gov" seems to have some promising results (searching .edu or .mil should find a lot as well)

here's a view of Washington, DC (i suspect more major media sources will have cameras as well, such as the ABC ones in the Sears Tower):

And another general webcam index site: http://www.webcam-list.com/

2005-04-28, 08:41 PM
I noticed it's flaky too.
Added one cam from DK, and it doesn't show, and the 3 I had listed, are now something completely different, in a language I don't speak.

2005-04-28, 10:23 PM

Eat it up...cams galore

I like the New Orleans cams...been flakey latey, but normally they make me wish I was there.

Btw, I noticed many are java cams, so you need to hunt for the traditional still cams...ran into that problem where most DC traffic cams are streaming only.

2005-04-28, 10:53 PM
Another: http://www.camville.com/