View Full Version : ATI TV output not always on

2005-04-22, 09:32 PM
One problem I have noticed with ATI cards is that the TV output must be connected all the time. If you enable the TV output and then stop and restart the computer, the TV output will still be on. If you enable the TV output and then stop the computer, disconnect the TV, restart the computer, then connect the TV, the TV output won't be on. Usually this isn't a problem because the PVR is always on or only restarted after a glitch(rare) has required a restart. However, if my wife or child accidentally shuts the machine off and then restarts it without the Home Theater selector set to TV, then the PVR starts without the TV output and the only way to turn it on is to connect a VGA monitor, exit out of the GBPVR menu and get to the desktop, access the video card setup, and turn on the TV output manually. Its a pain. Is there a way to automate this with a remote control button?

2005-04-22, 10:53 PM
I've moved this thread, because its not really a GB-PVR question.

2005-04-23, 02:23 AM
No, but since about half of the cards in use are ATI cards, is there a way to put a control into to the GBPVR configuration to automatically attend to this problem that I figure a few people are probably having.

2005-04-23, 03:35 AM
No, sorry - I wont be adding a workaround for this. I'd rather you find a method external to GB-PVR to solve this problem.