View Full Version : Comskippers

2005-04-06, 04:58 AM
Has anyone played w/ comskip and come up w/ some best settings? It works pretty great as it is, but it misses sometimes. I was wondering if someone had optimized the settings a bit more and would be up for sharing.

2005-04-06, 10:47 AM
I've noticed that it almost never assumes a show is actually a commercial. So it seems to me we could make it more aggressive.

2005-04-06, 04:54 PM
The default settings don't miss too many commercials for me at the beginning or ending of commercial breaks. However, I did get some missed commercials in the middle that took the commercial block and split it up into 2-3 pieces. I went through a few shows to determine what the smallest commercial break was and it turned out to be 160 seconds so I set min_commercialbreak=159. So now I have solid detected commercial blocks.

2005-04-07, 01:10 AM
The only thing that it consistantly misses is the under a minute one at the beginning of seinfeld. I just hit skip ahead (60 seconds) then skip back (30 seconds) and I'm usually right at the show.

2005-04-07, 01:49 AM
I also notice it assumes the text at the bottom of all those pill commercials (like 'male enhancement') are logos and aren't viewed as commercials.