View Full Version : SearchLite, Saved Search, No Recording Menu

2012-01-27, 08:43 AM
I thought I should post this as a new thread rather than keep extending the old one.

I do the following to obtain a list of shows: Recall >> Select a saved search >> Run

I then arrow down to one of the shows and then hit the ok button. This gives me a "No Matches" message box. In the past (if I am not mistaken) it would show a menu that would allow me to record the selected show.

Bug ?

I am using searchlite 1.4.4

2012-01-27, 02:12 PM
Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, I was packaging up some other changes, and I couldn't test it until UJB released a fix that I could test. 1.4.5 has some changes that improve the Run support but the main thing you require is this NEWA patch http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.php?51549-Case-sensitive-search-error&p=429889#post429889


2012-01-27, 10:06 PM
I loaded 1.4.5 and the referenced NEWA Patch. The record menu now appears. I have used it to load a few recordings and it all looks good. Many thanks.

2012-01-27, 10:22 PM
Great thanks for identifying this, I use the Run but I don't schedule from it, so it didn't look quite as broken as it was. It took quite a while to understand it was hidden in a NEWA problem.