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2011-11-20, 05:40 PM
So as an Android Market user, I have access to some basic statistics related to the downloads of my apps. One of these is the default language the device (phone / tablet) is set to use. At the moment I can see 26 active installations with most using English but I've discovered the following (the last figure in brackets is the number of users)...

Italian (Italy) (1)
Dutch (Netherlands) (1)
Danish (Denmark) (1)
Swedish (Sweden) (1)

I thought it would be a nice addition if I gave users text in their native language so I'm looking for translations. Ideally, if you're one of the above using the app, if you could spare the time to go through the various screens and menus and provide translations, I'll include language files ASAP.

Alternatively, I can provide a list of text used and hope that any native speaker of the above languages can help out.


2011-11-25, 02:10 AM
How many lines of text are we talking about? Currently I can't run any Android apps but I have plans. I could translate into norwegian if it's not too much :)

2011-11-25, 02:32 AM
Not too many lines of text.

I do have one Norwegian user according to the download statistics so it would be useful if you can help - it would get things started :)

I'll put together a list - it would be simple things like "Downloading files..." and "Please wait..." plus a few simple one word translations for menu items.

I'll post what I need in the next day or two - there is no hurry as I won't be adding translations in quite yet.

Many thanks,


2011-11-25, 07:32 AM
bgowland, sign me up for translation into swedish.


2011-11-25, 03:10 PM
bgowland, sign me up for translation into swedish.OK, thanks.