View Full Version : MVP and 2 Network Cards

2004-03-19, 11:32 AM
I have the MVP connected to a Netgear PCI NIC using a cross-over cable and connect to the internet with a belkin wireless card. When I have both cards enabled, stopping both the MVP services and starting the GB-PVR MVP server doesn't work and I get the message saying "Failed to connect to GUI Interface" or something similar. As soon as I disable the wireless card it jumps to life and connects, once in I can re-enable the wireless card after it connects it seems to be fine from then on in.

Seems like there may be an issue here, I am just not sure with, is it something to do with the ports and what card they are listening on, I am in the dark in this area. I tried running netstat -a with both cards enabled and when 1 card is enabled. When both are enabled there is one port connected to the MVP and when 1 cards is enabled 2 ports are connected to the MVP. Sorry I don't have the netstat output with me as I am at work. I'll post later.

I must note I don't get this behaviour with the hauppauge MVP server, I believe 2 ports are always connected.

Has anyone else got the MVP on a cross-over cable setup and use another NIC to connect to the internet, wireless or not and has it working ?



2004-03-19, 02:56 PM
I think the GB-PVR.exe.log file has a line that says what IP address its using? Might be worth taking a look.