View Full Version : NPVR Tuning generates "unhandled exception"

2010-07-07, 11:09 AM
Using Win XP pro and Hauppauge 3300, DVB-S port.
I have installed, set up and used NPVR. Worked well but did not find the SBS channels.
I investigated the tuning ini files and added the settings for SBS (12646,V,12600) then found that the Optus D1 NZ Freeview ini had these. While trying to use the ini I modified NVPR Scan kept generating Unhandle exception. After an evening or two I fully uninstalled NPVR, deleted all /Program/npvr files and those in doc/applicationdata/npvr as well as all registry settings found.
Rebooted and then re installed.

Still same problem using the ini tuning files in the install pack.
Renamed the log file so a new "clean" one is created from one scan attempt. The error message at the end of log is the same as the unhandled exception.
Log file attached
Where to next?