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2010-07-03, 08:26 PM
I apologize if this has been covered before, I did search through several pages here and didn't notice anything.
First I'd like to say I am liking the new program so far compared to gbpvr. Especially considering I was having a lot of trouble getting gbpvr to work with my hauppage HD-PVR IR blaster, and this works now :D Thanks for all your hard work sub.

Currently I'm using a dual monitor setup. The monitor I am running NPVR on is a 16:10 monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution. I set the aspect ratio in settings to 16:10 but that didn't seem to effect anything. The resolution choices don't seem to include 16:10 settings. I tried to manually set the resolution in the config.xml but I'm not sure if that had any effect.
Additionally with NPVR in fullscreen mode on the second monitor the program is stretched onto my main monitor slightly and I can't find a way to fix this. Probably the biggest issue I have right now.
The program seems to automatically start in "fill" mode which for me stretches the picture a bit when watching TV. Not sure if theres a way to solve that or if I have to just change it every time.
Lastly is there a list of hotkeys anywhere? I was trying to figure out how to change the volume. :o

2010-07-04, 12:01 AM
Setting your task bar to auto hide or not sometimes "fixes" a stretched screen for me.

2010-07-04, 03:27 AM
Doesn't seem to effect it. Not sure why it would there is no taskbar on the second screen.