View Full Version : more epg data?

2010-07-03, 08:40 AM
Hi sub
Any chance there is more epg data from the free to air. eg rating (pgr, g, a) This would be great when you click on the program you want to see if it is child friendly or not.
This is the free to air in Melbourne.
Thanks again for your brilliant work!! By the way the hauppauge 2200 is working like a treat

2010-07-03, 09:10 AM
If you download and run the DVBCollector program, you can grab and store all the epg-data that is broadcast to a xmltv-file and have a look for yourself. Note that when grabbing from a dvb-t device you probably need to set the tiemout parameter (-exxxx) to about 1800 seconds or more, depending of the number of days broadcast. If your provider broadcasts only data for that specific frequency you'll have to collect one file for each frequency (and possibly merge them with "xmltvmerge.exe").

2010-09-07, 06:29 AM
I finally had a chance to play with this. I downloaded dvbCollector and got it to run. The xml data does not show any ratings. I copied the xmltv.dtd from another computer to get it to run.
Does anyone know if the free to air epg in Melbourne has ratings in it?