View Full Version : top menu items not working

2010-06-25, 12:05 AM
a couple of the top menu items aren't doing anything for me..
the manual recording button in recordings screen doesn't do anything when i click it..
and the 'convert' item in video library also...
will that be the replacement for transcode button?

oh and also the 'channels' button when right clicking on ui too..

are these not working yet or is it my system?

2010-06-25, 12:09 AM
"Channels" doesn't do anything yet. I don't know about "Convert".

2010-06-25, 12:11 AM
AKAIR the Channels setting is not implemented and I'm sure manual recordings and convert are the same.

2010-06-25, 01:19 AM
AKAIR? not sure I know what that one is....

but yes, sub has said that the Channels function is for something not yet implemented, and that manual recordings are also not implemented yet (but he did make clear manual recordings will be returning). I've not read any comments about the convert function from sub, but it's pretty safe to assume that's not supposed to do anything yet.

2010-06-25, 01:46 AM
AKAIR? not sure I know what that one is....
AFAIR it was a typo... :D