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2010-06-23, 06:08 PM
Hi folks,

I just installed GBPVR and everything looks great but i have one problem, when i make changes in the config menu they are not getting applied to the interface, this is a problem as i store my media on external drives which aren't being picked up unless i configure the settings to do so.

I have just re installed my vista home basic and it is fully updated.

i am aware that this maybe something very obvious but i have searched the forums and the wiki but can't see what i am doing wrong, thanks for any help or advice....

Maybe one day, when i am fully conversant with it i could return the favour.


Sorry guys, wrong forum


2010-06-23, 06:09 PM
Are you using GBPVR or NPVR? (you mentioned GBPVR, but its in the NPVR forum, so could be either)

2010-06-23, 06:11 PM
GBPVR, in my start menu it comes up as PVRX2

2010-06-23, 06:12 PM
Ahh, sorry

Kind of new to forums too.

2010-06-23, 06:20 PM
No worries - answered in your other thread.