View Full Version : Problem with Video metadata

2010-06-22, 08:21 PM
When I browse the folders from the Video Library I see metadata for some folders but not for all.
But all have folder.xml and series.xml and I can't see the difference between them.
What kind of metafile do Npvr go for first?

2010-06-22, 08:51 PM
If you're literally talking about 'folders' (as opposed to files within a folder), then it'll only show metadata for folder containing a tvshow.nfo.

If you're talking files within a folder, then it looks from first for a *.xml file with the same start name as the file with the extension changed, then a *.nfo of the same name, if neither of those are found it then looks for a mymovies.xml in directory, then a tvshow.nfo. If none of those are found, then it looks for a ':metadata.xml' alternate data stream on the recording file.

2010-06-23, 03:29 AM
Ahh thanks!

That was the difference.
Some of the folders had no tvshow.nfo!
I thought folder.xml was supported, so I made sure all folders had one. :)
I'll just add a .nfo as well and I'm back on track

In this case I only talked about folders not the containing files but it's good to know the priority for those as well..

2010-06-23, 03:43 AM
What does a folder.xml look like? I havnt come across one of those.

2010-06-23, 06:03 AM
That is a file that works in gbpvr (at least in videosLibrary). It gets picked up just as folder.jpg does.
It has just the basic info. Like:

<Description>Firefly is set five ....</Description>
<Genres>Science Fiction</Genres>

But as I see it, I do not think you have to add support for this, as it is as easy to create tvshow.nfo.
(It were only the, by the scraper, unrecognized series that lacked a TVshow.nfo)