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2010-04-25, 06:59 AM
I finally got around to fixing something that has been bugging me for awhile. In the SelectedShowDetails box in the TV Guide, it only allocates one line for the Title and Subtitle (ie, the @showTitleSubtitle text element). Many shows far exceed this allowance, which was particularly annoying with shows were the Title filled the whole line, but what I really needed to see was the Episode title (ie, the Subtitle). I first toyed around with displaying the Title on the first line and the Subtitle on a second line, using the @showTitle and @showSubtitle elements sub added at my request awhile back, but then found some shows where the Title alone overran the allotted space, yet had no subtitle. I ended up keeping the Title & Subtitle together, and simply expanding the allotted space. I also decided I liked the show time in the smaller GeneralTextStyle instead of the Header style, which also allowed a little more room for the TitleSubtitle box.

Here's the code for for your consideration, changes in red. That's for the SD TV Guide skin.xml. I don't have a good way to mess with the WS skin, but the adjustments should be similar.

<CompositeImage name="SelectedShowDetails" size="96,22">
<DrawCommonImage name="TextBackground" />
<!-- icon and name -->
<DrawText text="@showTitleSubtitle" loc="2,2" size="75,43" textStyle="GeneralTextHeaderStyle" align="Left" />
<DrawText text="@duration" loc="53,4" size="45,25" textStyle="GeneralTextStyle" align="Right" />
<DrawText text="@showDescription" loc="2,45" size="96,70" textStyle="GeneralTextStyle" align="Left" />

edit: I guess I should have changed the vertical size of the @showDescription element; starting at 2,45 and sized at 96,70 means it will run off the bottom of the box. It probably doesn't matter, PVRX2 won't complain, but I guess it should be 50 or maybe 53.

2010-04-25, 07:33 PM
The WS version is a little more forgiving since there is more screen length to help fit the two together. If I remember, I'll roll the change into the installer (sigh, I have alot of these little things i need to get off my duff and publish).

Oh, and the SD and WS version share the same code, so I changed it and will be set for the next release.....