View Full Version : No TV out

2004-04-09, 06:23 PM
I'm new to GBPVR and have just installed it with the instructions.
But i don't get any video to play neither live tv will show any picture. All i get ist the message "Video is playing back using TV out, Press 'Home' to return to the menu"
I tried different options with hardware and software decoder, but nothing changed.
Xmltv is finally imported and the channels all have been found in the config, but no video-picture?

Help would be great.
I'm still using myHTPC with an PVR 350 and it works. Just wanted to test GBPVR.

2004-04-09, 06:31 PM
Does the TV out on WinTV2000 successfully show video on your tv?

You could send me your GBPVR.exe.log and GBPVR.exe-native01.log to support@devnz.com