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2004-01-23, 01:10 AM
hi, i just got gb-pvr setup on my windows machine because the hardware in my linux box doesnt get along with the pvr-350. so, windows will be responsible only for the scheduled recordings of programs, which will be saved remotely to the linux box (using NFS in microsoft unix services for windows).
everything seems to work great when run manually, i even wrote a client/server suite in perl to let me change channels over the network (liinux box has serial connection to the directv reciever).
the problem comes when i try to schedule a recording in gb-pvr, it refuses to record anything. looking in the wintvcap log, it claims it cannot find the path specified (and gives the full path). i can copy and paste this exact path and run wintvcap on the commandline and it records just fine. what gives?

here are some excerps from the wintvcap.log:
<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">
4060 InitParams&#58; Your lpCmdLine is &#34;-c255 -board&#58;1 -profile&#58;DVD -startr&#58;Y&#58;&#92;recordings&#92;ExtremeSenses_1021.mpg&#34;
4060 InitParams&#58; Argument -board&#58;1 -- OK
4060 InitParams&#58; Found -c or -p argument &#34;255&#34; -- OK
4060 InitParams&#58; Found -startr&#58; argument &#34;Y&#58;&#92;recordings&#92;ExtremeSenses_1021.mpg&#34; -- OK
4060 InitParams&#58; Argument -limit&#58;-1 -- OK
4060 InitParams&#58; Argument -delay&#58;0 -- OK
4060 InitParams&#58; Argument -c255 -- OK
i can copy/paste the cmdline given here and when fed to wintvcap it works perfect.

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">
4060 BuidGraph&#58; SaveWinTV2000 -- OK
4060 BuidGraph&#58; mbstowcs&#40;Y&#58;&#92;recordings&#92;ExtremeSenses_1021.mpg&#41; -- OK
4060 BuidGraph&#58; fileSink-&#62;SetLength &#40;4000000, -1, 120&#41; -- OK
4060 BuidGraph&#58; fileSink-&#62;SetMode&#40;0&#41; -- OK
4060 BuidGraph&#58; fileSink-&#62;SetFileName&#40;&#41; -- FAIL, &#40;0x80070003&#41; Win32&#58; The system cannot find the path specified.
and there is the actual error.

2004-01-23, 01:33 AM
I suspect this is happening because the drive is not mapped under the user account which is configured to run the GB-PVR recording service. For the GBPVR Recording Service, it will appears as though there is no Y: drive.

You could try going into the Services icon in Control Panel -&gt; Administrative tools. Change the GBPVR Recording Service to run under your user account (may need to enter username/password). Then reboot. The drive should then be visible to the GB-PVR Recording Service.

BTW - If you try it and it doesn&#39;t work, you could try using the Direct Recording plugin instead. just a hunch, because WinTVCap interacts with the system tray it might not like run as a service under an other account than LocalSystem (which is a special case). Direct Recording doesn&#39;t try to interact with the desktop.

2004-01-23, 02:29 AM
i kinda suspected something like this might be going on too, but i reassigned the service to a different user and made sure the share was mounted for them as well, even though it was set to run as the current user. still no dice.
i would also like to add that the tv channel script is not being run, or being run incorrectly. i dont see any logfiles that can give clues here.

2004-01-23, 02:52 AM
There is a GBPVRRecordingService.exe.log which is created in the &quot;current directory&quot;, which I think is c:&#92;windows&#92;system32 or your equiv. The WinTVCap.log may give additional clues. Also may be worth trying the Direct Recording plugin.