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2009-09-03, 10:55 PM
It looks like a number of us old/partially blind users are interested in knowing what is happening with the weather & because I happen to be one of them I am slowly doing a Weather2 B-R-SHV skin for it that I will upload within the next couple of days time permitting.

But we will need to grovel very nicely to scb147 as there are a few screen displays I just don't have enough room to be able to display with big fonts in the forecast area (as I can't get to them at the moment having 0 days forecast I can't describe the exact problem at the moment)

In the mean time just copy ..\skin2\blue\weather2 into ..\skin2\Blue-Retro-SHV\weather2 & it will work fine.

2009-09-10, 12:58 AM
If I had realised how long this was going to take I'm not sure I would have taken it on at the moment.

But we will need to grovel very nicely to scb147 as there are a few screen displays I just don't have enough room to be able to display with big fonts

Good news was I was able to get everything to fit in the end so no groveling needed :)

The attached skin hasn't had the normal beta testing done on it so please let me know if there is anything that doesn't display right.

2009-09-11, 02:46 AM
Looks good, glad you could do it without me having to modify anything :)

2009-09-11, 03:16 AM
Any chance of making this work with the Community skin?

2009-09-11, 11:37 PM
Any chance of making this work with the Community skin?

I'm not quite sure what you are asking :confused: what do you mean by "this"?? A skin that looks like this but works with CS4 or Weather2 working with CS4 (which I am sure it already does as long as you get the new version of CS4)?

2009-09-12, 01:28 AM
Sorry, thought as I was posting to the Weather2 plugin forum it would have been a given that that i was referring to the plugin.
I have the most recent version of CS4 but PVRX2 creates a system exception when I try to launch Weather2.
I have attached the relevant part of the log file.


2009-09-12, 02:09 AM
I am amazed how many users I have seen recently posting messages asking plugin developers to fix a problem they are having that is related to a skin problem!

If the plugin works properly with the blue skin (I always test new plugins with blue first before I swap to my normal skin) & it doesn't work with some other skin then the problem has to be with whatever skin you are trying to get it to work with, in which case you should be asking the skin developer to fix the problem not the plugin developer.

I can see from your logs there is some problem finding the button list which looks to me directly skin related but as I don't have CS4 installed at the moment I can't tell you what is missing.

2009-09-12, 02:46 AM
I too have the intelligence to determine there is a problem finding the button list. Just thought the plugin developer may have come across this before and have a quick solution. I guess it's a 'catch 22'. The plugin developer is not familiar with the skin development and the skin developers .... get my drift?

In a situation like this I have to initially pose the question somewhere!

2009-09-12, 04:40 AM
Not totally true as the skin developer has to be at least semi familiar with a plugin or he/she couldn't do a skin for it.

I still stick by my earlier message that skin related problems ie. it works OK with the blue skin should be posted in the appropriate skin forum.

Anyway I downloaded & installed CS4.0.4 on my development machine & Weather2 works fine for me so I guess you will have to wait for Fatman_do to show up & have a look at your problem...sorry

2009-09-12, 03:28 PM
Thanks for looking!

2009-10-14, 07:33 AM
I've been using "igoogle", it function with weather around the world!:p

2009-10-27, 11:45 PM
Hi Jaggy,

Using BR-SHV with weather2 BR-shv skin, after I enter the weather2 plugin and view some weather, if i hit update the menu buttons kinda get funky. See attached. Is this a plugin or skin problem? I don't have the knowledge to know if I should ask you or the plugin developer.

2009-10-28, 12:44 AM
To be quite honest I have no idea what would cause that, it isn't something I have seen before. The buttons are done almost the same as everywhere else in the skin, the only difference is I add them to the Weather2 skin as they needed to be slightly wider to display the text without word wrapping. This is what I have if anyone can see anything wrong with it

<!-- buttons -->
<CompositeImage name="ButtonNormal" size="22,7.0">
<DrawImage filename="..\_CoreImages\popup_button_normal.png" loc="0,0" size="100,100"/>
<DrawTextWithOutline text="@buttonText" loc="0,0" size="100,100" outlineWidth="2" borderColor="Black" textStyle="ButtonText" align="Center" valign="Center"/>

<CompositeImage name="ButtonSelected" size="22,7.0">
<DrawImage filename="..\_CoreImages\WhiteBorder_Button_Selected.png" loc="1.5,0" size="97,100"/>
<DrawTextWithOutline text="@buttonText" loc="0,0" size="100,100" outlineWidth="2" borderColor="Black" textStyle="ButtonSelectedText" align="Center" valign="Center"/>

I am also using it with B-R-SHV at the moment & it has been fine for me......but I'm not sure if I have done an update since I swapped back to B-R-SHV or not, I will test tomorrow.

2009-10-28, 12:46 AM
Ok, thanks in advance for checking in the future :)

2009-10-28, 12:51 AM
Oh, and I wanted to point out, once it was only the forecast button, once both forecast and radar, and once with only radar. So it isn't consistent. thanks.

EDIT: I think I am on to something. If the radar or satellite (animated) is in focus and I request an "Update" it goofs up the button text. Sounds like a plugin problem? Updating with current, overview or forecast doesn't mess em' up. I been known to break things lately without trying :D

2009-10-28, 02:09 AM
Well I can recreate it on the PC, for me it was the current button, just as you said when I have an animated satellite image showing & that could be why I haven't seen it before as I normally have it on current when I manually update, it also doesn't do it at all on my NMT.

I have noticed in the past that there is something "odd" "different to GB-PVR" about the way the wiz-?? does the buttons as they change size for a while when you un-select them & then come right after a period of time, not a big thing & probably more noticeable when doing mod's to a skin than using the plugin, but it may be related?

2009-10-28, 02:30 AM
At least we know, when it happens, why it happens, and if we want to avoid it, we know what to avoid! :)

2009-10-28, 01:40 PM
I've noticed this too, but I've never figured out the cause.

Maybe has something to do with the way the buttonlist is recreated when you update. But the buttonlist is within WizTools, so it maybe a bug within it as well.