View Full Version : PVR-150 / PVR-150MCE Difference w/ GBPVR

2005-02-28, 06:33 PM
Please excuse me if this posted to the wrong forum. I'm getting ready to build my first PVR using MediaMVP and GBPVR, so I can view recorded TV shows on my television. My PC on the back end will be using Win XP. I could use MCE, but I'm using an older machine and it looks like WinMCE has some pretty high system requirements (let me know if anyone thinks this is wrong). Here's my dilemma: I thought I'd use the PVR-150 , but the PVR-150MCE seems to be the same thing but a lot cheaper. From what I can tell it looks like you don't get some of the software with the MCE version, but with using GBPVR will I be missing anything I need?

2005-02-28, 08:53 PM
Great, thanks for the info!