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2005-02-26, 09:52 AM
This is not really about GBPVR as I havent set it up with the MVP yet but I'm hoping someone can help with this.

I've just installed a Nova T 90002 & MVP & having problems with aspect ratios & display sizes.

For a test I recorded The Gadget Show on Freeview ch Five yesterday. If I view it using PowerDVD it displays correctly as a wide screen video. When I use MVP to watch it on my old 4:3 TV it is full vertical height with the sides cropped instead of full width widescreen with the top & bottom black bars. The video proportions are correct.

If I try viewing a widescreen DivX it displays correctly although my pc is not fast enough to play it properly. When I converted this DivX to mpg, MVP would stretch the vertical to full screen height & crop the sides.

All recordings made on my PVR350 display correctly, ie in proportion & the correct aspect ratio.

Is this a problem with the MVP or is it something that I have not setup correctly?

2005-02-26, 05:29 PM
The native MVP configuration screens allow you to set the MVP screen to 16:9 rather than the defualt 4:3.

You will need to stop the MVP service that GBPVR uses and start the MVP services to access the configuration screens. Wehn doen make sure to stop the MVP native servioes and restart the GBPVR service.

2005-02-27, 04:19 PM
I'm having simular problems, mainly with picture playback. I have the GBPVR setup ok for menu's, but aspect seems wacky (technical term) in picture playback. The 2 different plugins seem to work differently. The problem is some of my digital camera pictures are 3/2 (Typical print) ratio and some are 4/3 (Typical Screen) ratio. If I configure the plugin with a factor, one will work but not the other.

Also when playing back movies, it seems zoomed in, the borders all all cutoff. But I suspect that is a MVP issue not GBPVR.

2005-02-28, 09:01 AM
I think the terms 16:9 and 4:3 are a bit misleading in this context. The 4:3 setting should be called "centrecut" reflecting the effect it has which is to cut of the sides allowing a 16:9 picture to be shown in a 4:3 window with correct aspect ratio. 16:9 is "as is" with no trimming (so a 4:3 recording will look stretched on a widescreen TV and a 16:9 recording will look squashed on a 4:3 TV).