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2009-05-02, 04:51 AM
Hello all,

I'm new to the program, and finally got it to work with my 950Q and can see video, thanks to the forums.

The issue I'm having now is with recording. I set up a manual recording, and it said it was recording, but no file was created. I copied/pasted the portion of the log that I think shows the problem and attached it. Can someone please take a look and let me know what they think the issue is?

Thanks in advance!


2009-05-02, 09:13 AM
Zip and attach the GBPVRRecordingService.exe.log and GBPVRRecordingService.exe-native.log and I'll take a look.

2009-05-02, 10:54 PM
They are attached - thanks.

2009-05-02, 11:26 PM
The analog side of the 950Q isnt supported due to the lack of hardware MPEG2 encoder. If you're lucky, it might work if you install the Hauppauge SoftMCE software.

2009-05-03, 07:36 AM
Thanks. I installed that already, and it doesn't work. I wasn't able to get it to work in digital mode.

2009-05-03, 08:34 AM
What you CAN try is:

1. Uninstall gbpvr
2. Install AVIVO encoder from ATI (google and download)
3. install gbpvr again (for some mysterious reason it doesn't detect the encoder if it isn't there at install time)
3. Install the Software Recorder (see wiki and threads elsewhere in this forum for explanation)

You may have to define the analog part of the card in Direct.ini (look at the other definitions and use FilterCheck.exe to get the pin names for your device).

2009-05-03, 11:34 AM
I wasn't able to get it to work in digital mode.If you want to post a description of the problems you had with digital, along with the logs, I'll take a look.