View Full Version : Video Archiver cannot access network drives

2005-02-22, 12:34 PM
I can't get video archiver to access movies on my network. I have tried adding the network directories but they don't show on screen. I have also tried adding windows shortcuts. ...any ideas?

2006-02-07, 12:43 AM
I have the same issue. I opened config.xml and couldn't find anything of the lines you listed, not even the same format apparently. Is this changed in the current version?

2006-02-07, 05:06 AM
You can just add network drives now via the confi app. In the list of directories used by the plug-in when you select browse you can select a network drive. Almost all of my files are on network drives now so I know that it works.


2006-04-13, 03:35 AM
I too had the same problem using the VideoArchive Plugin.

Following the recommendations listed in the previous posts, I was able to access the network drives when GBPVR is run on the server computer.:p
However, I have not had any success when I try to access the network drives on the MVP. :confused:

I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions regarding accessing network drives on the MVP via the VideoArchive plugin.

Thanks in advance...