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2003-11-25, 03:29 PM
Install was smooth.

I like that the last couple of installs automatically through up the config app. Can the remote control be restarted from the command line? Would be nice if this could be done by the config app but no biggy to do this ourselves.

Set up the tv guide app launcher for the tv plugin. WinTV does just not play nicely. So when in GB-PVR, I press the red button and this starts up WinTV but Ctrl-R starts up my specified app.

During video playback my remote does not work anymore.

actually I realise now the issues with the remote where because i reinstalled the remote software. Is it possible from the config app to be able to set up the remote again for situations like this?

So in the config, i add in my xmltv listings. Click ok, end the config session. I start up again, disable channels i do not want, update the source settings and ok this. I have to restart the config app again to be able to update the channels in the misc section. Does anyone else have to do this?

These are just nit picky things:)

I tired VMR9 and Overlay Manager and both work nicely. VMR9 is nice with the overlayed options.

I scheduled a recording, taped some it of and then cancelled it. This was played back in the Record section. I think previously the mpg recording that took place was corrupted.

In the TV Guide listings, I get an extra line which is empty except that the icon is the same as the first line. Ie. i have a listing of about 30 channels, i have 8 enabled but i get 9 lines in the tv guide.

I go back to the config app, disable another channel. Go back to GB-PVR and there are icons for all tv channels in the xmltv file, but only listings for those channels I have enabled.

Think there is a problem in the editing of channel listings.


2003-11-25, 05:17 PM
Thanks for the feedback!

- I've just found and corrected the disabled channel's icon still showing in the TV Guide. This'll be included in the next release.

- I forgot to update the setup program to create the new remote control mapping for RED -> {ctrl}R, so the launch from the TV guide wil require pressing Ctrl-R at the moment.

- I've also updated the setup program to try and restart the Hauppauge remote directly. If its not installed in the standard location, you'll still get the message to restart the IR app.