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2009-02-11, 04:46 PM
I've just installed GBPVR on an XP machine to control a new HD PVR. I was able to create recordings in TME and control the IR through BlastCfg.

Now that I've got GBPVR installed, whenever I try to record something, it creates a 0 kb .ts file that never grows. I am going to the TV Guide and selecting a program to QuickRec, and the first time through it will change the channel (using haupblast), but create a 0 kb .ts. When I cancel the recording and try to record another program in the same way, it won't change the channel (and BlastCfg will now say there is no IR hardware). Then it creates another 0 kb .ts file. Sometimes is will create a 128kb .ts file, I think maybe the first time after a reboot, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, I hope someone can point me to some answers or suggestions. I tried to search the forum, but it says most of my search terms are too short or too common, so I haven't found anything relevant yet.

I tried uninstalling the Arcsoft software thinking it might conflict, though I don't know if that was a good idea or not. I seem to have the same behaviour though, so no change.


2009-02-11, 07:12 PM
There are a variety of problems that can cause this. You should post your logs in the support forum and I'm sure someone can help.

Is the red light on the front of the unit active when you try to make a recording? That tells you it's actually recording. If it comes on and immediately goes out, the unit is likely overheating - a common problem originally when these units hit the market - but presumably fixed now.

2009-02-11, 08:38 PM
Thanks for the advice wtg. I found the logs and found an error that gave me something new to search for and I came across a thread with some people having my exact error.


I now have it recording, unfortunately I had to disable the IR blaster to do it, so I can't change the channels. I've tried to use firewire to control the channels on my 8300HD before and the commands go through fine, but Time Warner must have it disabled (at least in my area) because the channels never change. I guess I'll start looking for a different IR solution.

2009-02-11, 09:34 PM
I was also in the same situation as you. See my thread here:


I went with the cheap blaster from irblaster.info. It works but its not the most reliable and took a bit of work to get working properly. From what I hear the MCE blaster and USB UIRT work very well so I would try one of those. These can also receive ir signals which is good because you don't have to use the one on the HD PVR. I had it working before but it just wont work anymore for me.


2009-02-12, 03:49 AM
Look into using the -f option with the firewire channel changer. I could not get it to change channels without using this option.

2009-02-12, 07:17 PM
Unfortunately I just remembered that the computer this is running on now doesn't have firewire. So I could invest in a firewire card and try the -f option, or I could get one of the other IR solutions, but I was really hoping to find a solution that doesn't require more investment right now.

I had a spare MCE remote beanbag and I tried to hook that up instead, but I couldn't get it to communicate with my 8300HD STB. HIP wouldn't register the keypresses when I tried to teach them, and it said MCEIR.dll is not compatible with the commands from a .ccf file I found.

I did some testing (discussed here: http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.php?t=40811) and it seems to me that the problem with using the HD PVR's built-in IR is that it is receiving commands to start recording and change the channel at the same time and that is causing it to lock up. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to get GBPVR to delay sending the command to start recording since it doesn't seem to wait for the IR program to return.

2009-02-12, 08:30 PM
I just download Sage to test things and it looks like it changes the channel and starts recording at the same time as well but doesn't lock up. Maybe it has to do with the haupblast.exe, maybe they use a different changer, dunno. But there doesn't seem to be a hardware problem inherent with the built-in IR blaster if Sage can use it properly.