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2009-01-15, 11:57 PM
Is anyone having issues with the "prompt for resume" feature (besides me)? I'm using 1.3.11 and I can't get it to work. I keep thinking I've got something set wrong, but I can't find anything and it simply isn't working. Just asking for now. I'll post logs later.


2009-01-15, 11:59 PM
Try watching a minute or two of a show, then stop, then start playing the same show, then zip and attach the pvrx2.exe.log and I'll take a look.

2009-01-16, 03:09 AM
Thanks sub!

(Requested file is attached.)

A thought just occurred to me. Could this somehow be caused by commercial skip being enabled and yet I have no comskip files generated (because I haven't yet reinstalled comskip into my GBPVR folder)? I did notice some information regarding commercial skip in the log...

2009-01-16, 04:12 AM
You have <UseMenuResumeButton> set to true in config.xml, so you'll get a resume button below the play button in the recording popup rather than one over the video when playback starts.

2009-01-16, 10:59 AM
Ah. That was stupid of me to not notice... :o

Okay, will change that since I'm very used to the pop-up window over the video. I did notice the resume button, but I'm so used to just hitting enter (on the play button), that I kept starting the videos over from the beginning.

Thanks sub!

2009-03-12, 03:00 PM
I'm having this problem since installing v3.1.11. I made sure that 'Prompt for resume' was checked and then confirmed that this was set to 'true' in the config.xml file. I have also tried setting <UseMenuResumeButton> to true in the config.xml file but the Resume button doesn't appear on the side menu when I do this.

2009-03-12, 06:09 PM
Try watching a minute or two of a show, then stop, then start playing the same show, then zip and attach the pvrx2.exe.log and I'll take a look

2009-03-14, 03:32 PM
Log attached as requested.

2009-03-14, 04:40 PM
It looks like somewhere on long the upgrade paths some database updates were applied to your database. You'll need to use a tool like SQLiteSpy to apply the below updates:

alter table PLAYBACK_POSITION add column duration int
alter table PLAYBACK_POSITION add column last_watched DATETIME
update PLAYBACK_POSITION set last_watched = DATETIME('NOW') where last_watched is null
create index programme_epg on PROGRAMME (channel_oid, start_time)

2009-03-15, 10:56 AM
Thanks Sub! I did as you suggested and once i had managed to change the database with SQLiteSpy the Resume fundtion magically reappeared!

I noticed that the 'green bar' now appears at the side of recordings I have watched. My recollection is that this occured when I first installed v1.3.11 but disappeared after I had applied some of the patches.

2009-04-18, 04:02 AM
my turn I guess.
I get resume for regular recordings, but if I attempt to play something in video library, resume doesn't show up.

I am attaching a log file. I went to robot chicken and played it from the regular recorded, then stopped and played again and I got resume.

Went to library and played castle and stopped and then played again, and did not get resume.

Then I went back and played the same robot chicken from library and did not get resume either.

This used to work in both. I upgraded to 1.3.11 and now it doesn't.

edit to add update:
Figured it out. The setting was not correct in the config file. Fixed it and now have resume in both places.