View Full Version : Cannot build MAME ROM database

2008-12-29, 04:51 PM
Hello all

I hadn't updated my GBPVR in awhile, so I went about downloading the latest version of it and any plugins I had.

So I downloaded the new Gamezone 2.4, then installed the 2.9.2 patch. Got the WizUITools and updated that as well.

When I try to build the MAME Rom database, the config utility crashes. Error is File not found, but doesn't say (to me, anyways) what it cannot find.

I removed all the ROMS but one, and it works fine.

Downloaded a new copy of MAME 111b, just in case.

Any ideas? Here's a copy of the config.log, logging is currently set to debug...

Any help welcome,



2008-12-30, 11:48 PM
As you say there is nothing to go on to work out which file is missng.

I need to setup my development environment after a PC rebuild and then I can post a version of gamezone with some additional logging to try and track down what is happening.

may be a couple of days depending on how my network rebuild goes :(


2009-01-02, 08:33 AM
I have re-installed GBPVR the IDE and GameZone on my dev PC and while doing so I found an easy user mistake which I now check for and alert the user. I have also put some additional logging in the area around creating the Mame database to see if anything can shed some light.

Please extract and copy the gamezone.dll to the /plugins/gamezone directory overwriting your existing gamezone.dll,

Then go into the config applet under the gamezone General tab select the insane logging option (remember to take it off when not testing), click ok and come all the way out of the config applet.

Go back into the config applet and try and make your Mame ROM database, send me the config.exe.log that is produced in your GBPVR logs directory.