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2008-11-06, 04:59 PM
New Releases: ZTools and UltraXMLTV

Rather than release new versions of these two tools on the wiki, I thought I'd put them here first and call them 'beta'

Both tools require the GB-PVR Recording service set to 'interact with desktop' and so both tools now check for that, and make the changes (and restarts the service)

UltraXMLTV Enhnacer has been tweaked to further remove redundant download of data, especially for ended series.

It now has two ways to clean up, Delete the cache, and Purge the cache, which means Purge will not remove shows that are marked ended, wrong, or don't fetch. 'Delete' is good if you want to download a fresh everything...

ZProcess and ZTranscode will now automatically join a series of incremented files (VOB, AVI, MPG) Must be using MEncoder RC2...

I downloaded a couple of movies recently and they were broken into two parts: Movie1.avi and Movie2.avi. Now ZProcess will recognize the set of files and join them. Just select and view the first in the set and you won't even know when the second part is running.

This is cool for viewing DVD vobs. Just select the first vob of the main movie, and y9ou will see the whole movie...

Remember, that if your vobs are stored in a Video_ts folder, they will not be available to your MVP. That means that currently, we still can't view DVDs without a tonne of work.

I've asked sub to make an allowance for ZProcess to see inside a dvd folder, but he's been busy with the last release...

Also, ZProcess will check several other 'requirements' and log or msgbox what is missing. Hopefully this will make the install even more painless

As always, all comments are welcome


UltraXMLTV Enhancer V 1.2.130 (removed, see below)
ZProcess2 v 2.0.283 (removed, see below)
ZTranscode v 2.1.89 (removed, see below)

2008-11-09, 04:41 AM
Since my last release, I tweaked a couple more things in UltraXMLTV Enhancer


If you double click for more, you'll get just a few more setting boxes.. You'll also see a progress bar file size growing, and a running tally of how much is being downloaded in one session.

I had one problem that plagued me, but went away on it's own, so I'm hoping you might help me.. If you get Ultra to cluck away, and then it stalls, make note of the time of day (and zone) what show it was, and the number that is on the far left bottom. That will help me build in a error handler.

So far, with a slightly newer technique to download files, I can not only see progress, but handle slower Internet connections, and other timeouts..

UltraXMLTV Enhancer 1.2.139 (16 views) (removed)

2008-11-10, 04:20 PM
Made some tweaks to ZProcess

ZProcess 2.0.286 (Removed - See below)
ZTranscode 2.1.90 (Removed - See below)

2008-11-11, 03:37 AM
My tweak caused a glitch elswhere... so this is a fix for a fix...

Thanks JerryHeyNow

ZProcess 291 Removed
ZTranscode 95

2008-11-12, 04:20 AM
New Version

ZProcess 2.0.293
ZTranscode 2.1.98


2008-11-14, 02:39 AM
ZProcess 2.0.293
ZTranscode 2.1.99


2008-11-15, 07:07 AM
ZProcess 2.0.293
ZTranscode 2.1.101

2008-11-15, 05:18 PM
ZProcess 295
ZTranscode 103

2008-11-15, 06:46 PM
ZProcess 298
ZTranscode 104

2008-11-16, 06:58 AM
ZProcess 2.0.300
ZTranscode 2.1.106

2008-11-18, 12:12 AM
ZProcess 2.0.308
ZTranscode 2.1.121

Note, to anyone still having support issues, my updates will continue to address or try and address tweaking to solve a problem...

Brand new features... What follows is my rough draft for my updated wiki page...

ZProcess, Reinstall/Reinitialize/Uninstall

I have added a way to make the uninstalling, reinstalling, reinitializing of ZProcess and ZTranscode a little easier.

On the GB-PVR settings tab, from ZProcess, click the reinitialize ZProcess settings button.

It will remove references of itself from the config.xml and remove all registry settings which will also delete any settings you may have tweaked for your system (That means make note of your special settings for later)

It will restart the Recording Service

Then it will close and call itself again, so that the reinitialize function will start over. This time you will have a chance to Choose Yes for PAL, No for NTSC, and Cancel for Quit and do not use ZProcess (which is effectively uninstalling completely.

It will ask to add references to config.xml again, and it will recreate all default settings for Transcoding.

Yes this is a little weird. (Yes for PAL, No for NTSC, and Cancel for Uninstall ?) well, I don't mind it being a little weird. I mean my handle is 'Zehd' but I call the program Zee-Process)

DVD Support

I've added support to play DVDs straight from your DVD drive onto your MVP. This is something that has been very difficult if not impossible in the past. But in order to do it, it's still a bit of a workaround. I tried to be as elegant as possible.

You put a disc in the drive, click 'Do DVD' munu item on the MVP, and then find and play the transcoding temp file....


Bypass Encryption
First of all, ZProcess won't work with any encrypted DVDs or VOBs. That means you must find a way to decrypt what you plan to view.

In order to view an original DVD from your DVD drive, it must be unencrypted from the very start, so it's either an unencrypted rip (decrypted copy from 'DVD Shrink' or 'DVD Decrypter') or it was made to 'appear' unencrypted by something like AnyDVD.

I can't stress this enough, but I won't be getting into any decrypting techniques other than just described.

ZProcess finds out what Drive letter your DVD drive is at based on the GB-PVR config | DVD | 'DVD-Rom drive letter' settings. Make sure this is correct.

Extra Settings
Many extra settings for DVD/VOB transcoding are available when you expand the form of 'ZTranscode'. Double-click the main form and it will expand to show more options.

With VOBs stored on your hard drive.
With a default ZProcess configuration, you can navigate with 'Video Library', to a folder containing VOBs, (which may have been copied over from an original DVD), and select a VOB to view. ZProcess will transcode all VOBs with the same but ascending order filename, ascending from the file you selected.

That means if you have four vobs: VOB1.VOB, VOB2.VOB, VOB3.VOB, VOB4.VOB but slect for viewing VOB2.VOB, then your will only see VOBs 2 through 4. So if ytou want to see all of the movie, select the first one!

The Joining of sequential VOBs is a default option. To defeat this option, double-click the form on ZTranscode to enlarge the form, and then uncheck Join VOBs.

It should be pointed out that you will not be able to see inside a folder that has the exact file structure

of the original DVD, from with in Video Library.

eg: D:\TV\Movies\DVDs\Stargate\'''VIDEO_TS'''\VTS_01_1 .VOB will be inaccessable.

eg: D:\TV\Movies\DVDs\Stargate\'''VOBs'''\VTS_01_1.VOB will work just fine.

With Original DVD
Assuming that the drive appears decrypted, ZProcess will be told (discussed later under 'Custom Task') to look in your [DVD drive]\VIDEO_TS folder for the first large VOB. It will then create a series of all the VOBs required to make up the entire Movie, and then start transcoding to a file

[GB-PVR Recordings Path]\_CurrentDVD.mpg

Audio Tracks (VOB/DVD)
You have a choice as to the default audio track to use. English (Track 1) is the default. To choose which track you'd like as your default, first find out which track number your language is using.

To help you decide, use ZTranscode to manually transcode a DVD.

Start ZTranscode, double-click the Input Filename box, select a vob inside your DVD.
Double-click the ZTranscode form for more settings
Click 'Is DVD' ZTranscode will queue the first large VOB (and the rest in sequence)

Click Start. Wait 5-10 seconds
Click View. Do you hear the correct Audio Track?

If not, select a different track number and click start, wait 5-10 seconds, and click view again, and so on...

DVD Subtitles
ZProcess will display the language of subtitles you want, assuming they exist. This is chosen at the regular ZProcess settings subform.

At the bottom if the Video frame, is a text box named 'Lang' Type in the number for your language subtitle track. Also choose if you want to see only 'forced subtitles'. (In some movies, un-forced subtitles may include music lyrics and scripted noises - this is good for the hearing impaired)

The Font size box will not be used when watching DVDs, but only for displaying SRT subtitle files with AVI files.

Installing DVD support
For the time being, you will need to create a Custom Task in GB-PVR, to tell ZProcess to start transcoding your DVD.

Open GB-PVR config. Click Plugins tab. Click 'Add' under Custom Tasks. In the next screen copy the settings in the picture. You might not see the whole path for ZProcess2.exe, but you should browse to it.


Next in 'Menu and Plugins' list, I dragged 'Do DVD' up next to 'Video Library'


Then, under Directories, make sure you have a listing for your Recordings folder. In other words, whatever directory you have set for your Recordings, should also have an entry in the Video Library...


Click OK in the config, so that changes are saved and the service is restarted...

Using DVD support

Pop a DVD into your drive
On the main menu of GB-PVR and the MVP you'll see a listing for 'Do DVD'. Click it. (Nothing will seem to happen)
Then inside 'Video Library' and your 'Recordings' Directory, click to view '_CurrentDVD.mpg' file.

_CurrentDVD.mpg is the on-the-fly temporary file that is created. You can watch it, but only move forward as far as the file has been created. (similar to the other on-the-fly transcodes.

Saving your Transcoded DVD file
There is no support for automatically saving your transcoded file. That means that your won't be able to go through your whole DVD collection and rip them, because as you place another DVD and start to transcode, you will be overwriting the previous DVDs temp file.

You can however, jump onto your server (after you're done transcoding the DVD) and then move and rename the file to something appropriate.


Have Fun!

2008-11-18, 01:58 AM
Quick note: the DVD/VOB audio is currently defaulting to 0 which effectively makes for NO AUDIO.... Until I get it fixed and uploaded, change to 1

2008-11-18, 02:49 AM
ZProcess 2.0.308
ZTranscode 2.1.122

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2008-12-10, 08:38 AM
A bit of a bug has showed up in this Beta run. So here's a work around fix.

Now, each time Ultra is set to commit (including when run automatically from UpdateEPG etc) it will purge the cache, removing all show information it deems active (not ended, or info unavailable)

The final fix will make sure that no more downloading than necessary is done, but this quick fix does the job at getting correct listing up and running...

(Attachment removed)

2008-12-17, 01:42 PM
Here's the latest. 1.2.151

A couple of changes: Some of it is temporary

Four new buttons on the main form. I don't like where they are, so they'll probably move, but real estate is limited...

There's a 'Zehd's Picks' button which will reset all the settings to what I use, and what I think looks good. You can use that as as a jump off point if you like.

There's a 'fill example'. This will take the items that have been found in your xml and format the example window. You can manually check (TO THE LEFT OF THE ITEM -- not the right) and then click fillexample to see how it might be formatted. I will be changing this whole idea a bit, and use some real data, but for now...

Save Settings: Now: No settings are saved at all when you check, flip, or click any thing, until you click save settings. That means that even if you use Zehd's Picks, you still need to click save settings.

Reset to Last is really a get settings function. If you have not saved your settings, then this brings you back to when you last saved, or in other words un-does unsaved changes...

Attachement moved to Pre-release download on wiki

2008-12-21, 04:03 PM
ZProcess and ZTranscode has been tweaked to make On the fly (realtime) transcoding possible for a few extra file types. This makes for viewing on the MVP

Please read requirements and installation notes! These instruction points superseded wiki notes (which will be updated as soon as I catch my breath)

Note! This version still does not completely address automatic and manual transcoding of TS to <other format>. That is really close. Just a couple of extra tweaks. (it totally works in dev mode)

Requirements and installation

FFmpeg-Alt.exe now required file. Download from this link: Save to the ZTools folder (same folder as ZProcess and ZTranscode)

As well, please make sure you have the other required files...

read: http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Utility/ZProcess#toc5

download: http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/uploads/Utility/ffmpeg-alt.zip

As well, ZProcess will use the default version of ffmpeg, installed in default location as part of GB-PVR, and MEncoder/Mplayer RC2 installed into default location (path change is possible, but why?)

Trans2MVP.exe (included in Zip) is only needed if you are transcoding DVR-MS files. Back up original and copy to overwrite in the devnz/gbpvr folder

Copy ZProcess2.exe and ZTranscode.exe into the ZTools folder and overwrite...

Features not supported yet
I'm working on some new features and they're actually not ready yet. So please don't play with most of the manual controls unless suggested by me. ZProcess should be automatic, with little user intervention. So once its installed, you won't need much tweaking...

New Features

DVR-MS viewing on MVP
As stated, when you use the replacement 'Trans2MVP.exe' copied into the main gbpvr folder, ZProcess will be called when you view a dvr-ms file.

TS viewing on MVP
Currently, TS support must be manually activated. Open ZProcess, click GB-PVR Settings, and click 'Add TS Refs'. Restart the service (you can use ZProcess for that)

ZProcess/Ztranscode has been set to transcode ts file with small dimensions, 352x240 or 288 and this works for large HD TS files. It works on my 'lesser' machine of a 2Ghz Duron. During testing I also tried 480x480, which taxes the system a bit more but gives better picture. I had to increase my Pre-Play delay to 10000 (10 seconds) so that ZProcess could get a good run at it.

Using 640x480 is my considered best viewing option (not 720x480) and I use thos dimesnions for most everything except TS Transcoding

Note, these quality settings are required to keep transcoding at a rate better than real time, for on-the-fly MVP Transcoding. Very soon when I add manual and automatic transcoding of TS files (to xvid AVIs for eg) the fps is not a major concern and higher quality settings can be used.

Added support for playing of slightly older format DIV3(DIVX) files.

I would prefer to use MEncoder all the time, but in almost all cases that I tested, the new file formats transcoded faster and with better sync with the ffmpeg-alt

If you still prefer to use the default ffmpeg, you can still choose it as your preferred transcoder, though ZProcess will still override your choice to the ffmpeg-alt on those new, problem formats. That's why it's a required file now...

ZProcess 2.0.321
ZTranscode 2.1.233
Trans2MVP.exe 0.0.8

2008-12-29, 05:09 AM
I've finally found some time to refine ZProcess with new support for TS, MKV and DVR-MS files

I've also written a wiki page hopefully to help first timers getting into ZProcess as easy as possible


I'm still working on it, but the key points are

Really easy install
Steps to take to test media files and see if your system is up to the task
Notes for TS , MKV , and DVR-MS transcoding

Hopefully, it shows how to test, without pulling your hair out or running up and down the stairs trying tings on the MVP and then checking the computer and then trying the MVP...

ZProcess 2.0.334
ZTranscode 2.1.252

2008-12-29, 10:49 PM
Along with updating the wiki page, I'm writing a walkthrough for first timers

The Pre-release zip file can be downloaded from the wiki page. I won't be updating version numbers as much until final release. If you have a problem, wait for me to fix it and then tell you to download the zip again. I'll confirm the version numbers with your fix.

I'm hoping to get your feedback in this thread...

Main Wiki page

Walkthrough page

Thanks to all so far for trying out my new features and testing to be sure the old stuff is still working